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    Nystrom Management
    is a privately owned sports, entertainment, marketing, and management resource. We can be a confidential and passionate part of your integrated marketing plans. Available for concise review and feedback; both short and long term projects; ongoing advice and consultancy; partnership management.

    Bill Nystrom
    is an innovative and experienced marketing executive … committed to building brands with positive consumer experiences … and with a passion for building trust and successful long term business relationships.

    We can help
    by delivering optimism, leadership, and results from a diverse marketing background; maintain focus on brand strategy and the big picture; demonstrate commercialization to meet objectives; cross-functional communication; team building skills.

  • Services

    Broad experience in both the wholesale and retail aspects of the consumer packaged goods industry. Over 35 years of sales, marketing, and management leadership … with iconic brands at the Coca-Cola Company, the Miller Brewing Company, and Pepsico.

    Professional Services:
    - Listening
    - Strategic Planning
    - Partnership Management
    - Contract Negotiations
    - Marketing Activation
    - Strategic Alliances
    - B2B Sponsorship Development
    - Quality Relationships

    Areas of Expertise:
    The league; tracks; drivers; teams; activation; hospitality.
    Sports Marketing: Past work with NFL teams; NBA teams; PGA events; NCAA Final Four tournaments; CIAA championships; colleges and universities.
    Entertainment Management: Gaylord Entertainment; Grand Ole Opry; Speed Street; America’s Junior Miss; National Infantry Museum; USO.
    Brand and Consumer Marketing: Market-wide packaging programs; multi-million dollar regional partner promotions; channel and customer specific initiatives.

  • Innovations

    The greatest team ever assembled …
    Original idea, concept, and strategy for the Coca-Cola Racing Family (20 years)

    The fusion of sports and entertainment …
    Bringing Ryan Seacrest and the American Idols to perform at the Coca-Cola 600 (4 years)

    The intersection of sports, education, and a healthy active lifestyle …
    Coca-Cola Family Track Walks (5 years)

    Long term commitments …
    Negotiated a ten year contract for the Coca-Cola 600 - believed to be the first ten year sponsorship commitment in sports history. (30 years)

  • Test

    Bill is a true professional in every sense of the word. He approaches his work life as he lives his personal life, with enthusiasm, loyalty and honesty. I don’t know anyone that is more dedicated to or passionate about their work than Bill. His experience and knowledge, and his extensive business relationships, make him a valuable addition to any team.

    Amy Creech | Vice President – IMG Consulting

    Bill is a true leader, determined, dedicated and works with great integrity. During his 25 years at The Coca-Cola Company, Bill helped foster Coca-Cola’s long partnership with NASCAR and brought fans closer to the sport and Coca-Cola’s brands. I honor and respect the work that Bill has done and will continue to do in partnerships and marketing.

    Bea Perez | Chief Sustainability Officer, SVP Global Partnerships, Assets, innovation, Licensing, and Retail – The Coca-Cola Company

    Bill combines the qualities of creativity, insights, inquisitiveness, passion and detail to his life and his work. While at Coca-Cola, I witnessed how he embraced challenges as opportunities and evolved opportunities to success. Most of all, Bill’s network of people he worked with, and for, consistently have stories to share of two key elements to what he brings to every assignment: a focus on getting the work done and more importantly, how one goes about to the get the work done that is fair, credible, honest and enjoyable.

    Ben Reiling | Director, Sports Marketing – Motorsports | Coca-Cola North America

    Working with Bill is truly a joy. He challenges everyone to think outside of the box and create unique programming that is aligned with brand objectives. He looks at partnerships as business solutions that are specialized to each individual. He is in tune with the NASCAR industry and knows the key players. Bill is an asset that you would want negotiating on your behalf.

    Carrie Register | Dircetor, Partnership Marketing – ISC (International Speedway Corp.)

    I worked with Bill for many years during his time at Coke-Cola Company, and I have always found him to be responsive, creative and cooperative. He would embark on each discussion with a solutions-based and partnership approach, especially as it relates to a brand and its integration into a sports facility. I think his experience and existing relationships in the sports marketing industry are valuable assets. Bill intimately understands the business of sports, and the functional interactions of its stakeholders….but most importantly how brands use and leverage sports to meet their marketing and promotional objectives.

    Daryl Wolfe | Sr. VP & Chief Marketing Officer – International Speedway Corp. (ISC)

    Bill is one of those individuals I’ve always enjoyed doing business with because he has great passion for the companies he represents or the specific project he is working on. I’ve always appreciated his willingness to listen, provide feedback and then work creatively together to make something happen that is mutually beneficial or be up front as to why something couldn’t move forward. In my view, he is one of those individuals that defines professionalism.

    Dennis Bickmeier | President – Richmond International Raceway

    I have worked with Bill for 24 years. Bill was a trusted colleague delivering in the high profile areas of professional sports and event management … Final Four, NASCAR, HBCU events, NFL Football, Theme Parks, Landmark Properties … just to name a few. He always represented his company and his clients with the utmost respect and delivered win/win results. Bill managed the contractual relationships and the event plans. He has a proven level of experience and success and was always an asset to the team.

    Doug Coffed | Vice President, Franchise Leadership – Coca-Cola North America

    I have known Bill Nystrom for more than 25 years. I consider him to be not only one of the most conscientious professionals I know, but also a caring friend who is highly respected by those who know him from all walks of life.

    Ed Clark | President – Atlanta Motor Speedway

    I met Bill in 1989 when I joined the Atlanta Account Group. We had some major business issues to correct in NC, and I asked him to take on the task. He relocated to Charlotte, solved the problems, and convinced me he knew how to WIN. Managing our sports properties and major events was a big part of his success. If I was putting together my All Star team, he’d be on it.

    Gary Azar | Vice President, AAG | Coca-Cola North America - retired

    Bill has always had a very good understanding of how to develop a program or platform that positions the brands he is advocating in the best way possible. But he also factors in the needs of the partners he is working with at the time. Not to overuse the cliché, but he truly has the “win-win” in mind that helps build lasting relationships in business. He knows when to be firm and hold people accountable but yet be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. His immense experience in sales, marketing, branding and activation make him the utility player for any endeavor.

    Greg Walter | President – Charlotte Motor Speedway

    I have known and worked with Bill Nystrom for a number of years, and have always found him to be an innovative and highly effective marketing professional. Bill understands marketing and activation, and is quite good at seeing the overall vision, adding creative thoughts and ideas, and in also making sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. He is also a person of high integrity, and I highly recommend working with Bill. I wish him much success in his new venture.

    Jay Martin | Managing Director / Strategic Planning Red Moon Marketing, LLC | (former VP of Mktg. at Coca-Cola Consolidated, and VP at IMG Consulting)

    Bill Nystrom is one of the most knowledgeable and professional colleagues I have in the marketing world. His vast wisdom and sage advice have been invaluable to me in my professional development. He is a master at networking and has a proven track record of business to business success stories. He is also well versed in team, venue, and client sponsorships and activation. Bill was a cornerstone in the long term success of the Coca-Cola NASCAR sponsorship across the board and was the face of Coke within the sport for many years. Bill is also a straight-shooter and is not afraid to make the tough calls when it is necessary for the benefit of his clients and their best interest. The only thing I value more than Bill’s professional advice is his friendship and partnership for the many years I have known him. I wholeheartedly endorse Bill for any position in the marketing world and guarantee he will produce positive, value added results.

    Jeff Owen | President, Owen Marketing LLC.

    I've known Bill for several years now, and have observed him in a variety of business and social situations. The first impression is his professional attitude, optimism, and friendliness. He projects confidence and warmth with a good sense of humor. I have seen his character and collaboration with both the Sales and Partnership organizations at NASCAR, and with tracks and fellow sponsors in our industry. His business judgment and reputation are well known. In return, associates and partners trust him completely. His years of diverse experience will be a welcome addition to many groups in his future consulting work.

    Jim O’Connell | Chief Sales Officer - NASCAR

    It was always a pleasure working with Bill. His attention to detail, persistence and knowledge of the sports industry were always instrumental to successful outcomes.

    Joie Chitwood | President – Daytona International Speedway

    I have had the pleasure of working with Bill over the past 15 years at the Coca-Cola Company. Bill is the consummate professional and a real pleasure to work with. Very good at listening and understanding big picture ideas while also never losing sight on the blocking and tackling items.

    Kevin Camper | Sr. VP, Sales and Marketing – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

    Bill has built an outstanding reputation within the sponsorship and motorsports community. His knowledge, professionalism, friendliness, attention to detail, and understanding of how to drive value through innovative partnerships are an asset to any organization, no matter what the size. Bill is a tremendous representative and I look forward to working with him again!

    Mike Burch | Chief Strategy Officer – Speedway Motorsports Inc. (SMI)

    Bill is always positive and engaged in his approach to anything. When we worked together, he got involved in all details of the partnership, and developed trust and good relationships with people at all levels of the organization – all over the country. He is a great partner who truly seeks to maximize opportunities which are mutually beneficial. One of those people who you enjoy being around as well as doing business with.

    Michael Gentry | COO – AMA Pro Racing

    A strategic marketer with experience and passion, Bill Nystrom embodies what it means to be a true professional. It has been an honor and privilege working with Bill for many years and I sincerely endorse him as an invaluable business partner!

    Mike Kozak | VP, Integrated Sales – National Hockey League (NHL)

    POC Media has been in business since 1990. In more than a quarter of a century, we've worked with clients ranging from every major broadcast outlet to global brands, and from every major record label to North America's largest sports organizations. I have never met anyone in any industry who works at a higher level of creativity and integrity than Bill Nystrom. We've created concert tours together, and developed entertainment platforms that continue to thrive throughout North America. If you can't afford to buy his company, I'd suggest hiring his company. Bill Nystrom is a flat-out winner!

    Pat O'Connor | President – CEO, POC Media, Inc.

    Bill Nystrom is one of the most committed and focused leaders, marketers and partnership managers I know. Over many years, Bill and I have worked on countless projects, and to each one he brought the same unbridled passion and desire to make each outcome better than the last one. He pushes and questions so that the eventual outcome is the best that could be had. Sports are his passion and he puts in the time and effort to understand every aspect … the leadership, the teams, the players, the fans, the brands that interact well, and the customer segments that engage best with the sports. When it comes to NASCAR he has no peer!!!!

    Quinton Martin | Executive Assistant, Office of the President & VP Community Marketing - Coca–Cola North America

    Bill Nystrom has been a tremendous ambassador for NASCAR and Coca-Cola for many years. Whenever we worked together, I was always impressed with his approach, dedication and character. Bill Nystrom is a true gentleman and would be an asset to any marketing team.

    Steve Phelps | Exec. VP & Chief Global Sales and Marketing Officer – NASCAR

    I worked with Bill for a number of years and found him to provide extremely positive influence to me. His knowledge of the industry and how to execute against assets to drive results was outstanding. More importantly I found Bill diligent in his efforts to provide balance and fairness to the partnership, he truly understands the meaning of the word and how it positively affects the relationship.

    Tony Driscoll | Vice President, Business Development NBA Oklahoma City Thunder

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